Lawrence S. Manassa

Attorney, Barrington, IL

Lawrence S. Manassa

Partner at Manassa Hartman, P.C.

Lawrence is an exceedingly seasoned family law attorney with 29 years of divorce and family law practice experience.  He has an established history of being successful through hundreds of courtroom trials.  Still, Lawrence knows that litigation is not always the best choice for his client, and is additionally skilled at collaborative law, negotiation, and mediation.  Lawrence is a former Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County and is on a particularly select listing of Court qualified Child Representatives in both Cook and McHenry County, Illinois.  He is a partner at Manassa Hartman, P.C.

Having been divorced, and a father, he understands the stress of the divorce process first hand and seeks to help his divorcing clients for a normal life after their divorce or separation.  Lawrence is also committed to his clients and his surrounding communities.  He volunteered his legal expertise and time for 7 years at Illinois’ most well-known divorce care group and has generously donated his time to assist the underprivileged at Administer Justice and Between Friends. Lawrence was also one of the founding legal professionals for Willow Creek Community Church’s legal aid ministry.

Lawrence Manassa, Partner at Manassa Hartman, P.C.

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Reviews for Lawrence S. ManassaI was referred to Manassa by another attorney to handle my divorce.  Excellent representation. He was able to make sure that I not only got a fair deal, but he made sure that I understood everything that was going on during the 2 years it took to finalize everything.

If you need a divorce attorney, Manassa is who you need in your corner!

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Reviews for Lawrence S. ManassaAfter reviewing my case, I was referred to Larry by another attorney who is well known in the area. My situation was desperate having young children involved in a very messy divorce. Larry took the time to understand the entire landscape of what had happened to me and my children. He worked tirelessly to appeal and win a reversal of the court decision. He is a person who can be trusted to always act responsibly and in the best interest of his clients and their children. I also feel he is not only an excellent lawyer but a wonderful person as well. If you are seeking sound legal advise or effective representation, I highly recommend Larry Manassa.

Reviews for Lawrence S. ManassaThank you so much for helping me out.  I could not have been more pleased with your services.  You will absolutely be my first recommendation for anybody I meet seeking help with a family law issue."  - Satisfied Client, 2016

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Our mission is to advance Collaborative Practice as a conflict resolution option in Illinois where we help you settle your divorce out of court. Along the way, you will often save time and money. Even more, you gain peace of mind.

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