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5 Questions You Should Be Asking Of Family Law Attorneys Like Lawrence Manassa

Scheduling a consultation with a family law attorney like Lawrence Manassa is an important step when it comes to reaching a timely resolution with your case. There are certain questions that need to be asked during these consultations that will allow you to receive the best possible legal advice.

So what are the questions that you should be asking when you are meeting with Lawrence Manassa and other lawyers of his ilk? Let's take a closer look at the following queries, so that you are able to find the lawyer that is best for your personal needs.

1) How Can You Diffuse Tensions?

In many instances, a client will need to know the lawyer's exact plans for reducing the amount of tension that they are experiencing. Many family law disputes are caused by one family member's insistence on having their own way and when these disputes are not solved in a timely manner, they can cause court proceedings to be dragged out for an untenable amount of time. An attorney that can diffuse these tensions is worth their weight in gold.

2) Do You Have a Strong Knowledge Of The Law?

There are no shortage of laws for you to learn about and there is very little time for you to become educated. So why not allow an attorney to take care of this aspect of your case? Be sure to ask the prospective attorney about their level of knowledge as far as the laws that govern your case are concerned. Don't make the mistake of hiring an attorney that is not properly educated.

3) When Does My Paperwork Need To Be Filed By?

You would be shocked at how many legal proceedings end up going horribly awry because the client did not take the time to find out more about the proper process for filing paperwork. Proactive clients who wish to avoid these types of difficulties would do well to contact an attorney as early as possible. They are able to keep you from making mistakes that are 100 percent avoidable.

4) Can You Lend Me An Ear When I Need One?

While no one is saying that your attorney should take the place of a licensed therapist, it doesn't hurt to choose an attorney that is willing to hear you out when you need a listening ear. There are bound to be moments during your case when you need to vent and when these moments arise, the best attorneys are there to listen. They know that being there for you during these moments will keep you from making a potentially emotional decision about your case.

5) Can You Keep My Costs Low?

When emotions become involved in courtroom disputes, this can cause legal proceedings to become far expensive than expected. If you are looking to reduce the amount that is spent on various legal fees that are related to family court, a family law attorney is one of the best investments that you can make. Take a moment to ask the attorney if they are able to assist you when it comes to saving money over the long haul.


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